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   Note::                                   The new name for EBT is SNAP


     ( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

                               Call Tel. 1-800-642-9632 for assistance or information       


You can now receive a merchant application with EBT /SNAP cash option by fax or email.

 Businesses can be approved to accept EBT /SNAP cash only benefits within two business days. This program is avaiable nationwide exclusively through Englobe Retail Merchant's Program.


    Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) now SNAP is growing at a tremendous rate. Government programs such as state issued food stamps, Women/ Infants/ Children (WIC) and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), issue benefits on an electronic card known as an EBT now SNAP card. The card issued is similar to a debit card, as the cardholder has a specific personal identification number (PIN) that must be used when accessing their funds. To process an EBT /SNAP card, the card is run through an electronic payment system that authorizes the transfer of the card holder's government benefits to the retailer for payment of products received.

   In many states, EBT /SNAP cards are the primary source for government issued benefits, such as food stamps. In fact, more than 80 percent of food stamp benefits that are issued today are issued on EBT /SNAP cards. Many experts predict that other benefits such as social security will also be issued on EBT cards in the future, which will require more merchants to accept the government issued card.

   As EBT /SNAP becomes a more frequent form of payment, your business should be prepared. Enroll in Englobe’s EBT program and increase your customer base by accepting government issued benefit cards.


          Applying to Become an Authorized Retailer


Store Eligibility Requirements

  Any retailer that would like to accept food stamp benefits (EBT /SNAP) must be licensed to participate in the Food Stamp Program. This page provides information for retailers who want to apply for a Food Stamp Program permit from the USDA, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS).


 Ownership Information:

  Each store location under your ownership must have a separate food stamp program permit; you must submit a separate application for each of the stores that you own.

It is against the rules and regulations of the Food Stamp Program for you to accept or redeem any food stamp benefits until you are authorized by USDA, FNS.

 How to obtain an application package for retailer authorization:

  To apply for a food stamp permit, you will need to complete an application. The application package consists of three documents:



Food Stamp Program Application for Stores, Form FNS-252


FNS Field Office Cover Letter


Combined Store Eligibility Criteria Fact Sheet and a Checklist


 Important things to know:

  Local Food and Nutrition Service field offices are responsible for the licensing and monitoring of retail food stores participating in the Food Stamp Program. The Food Stamp Program Application for Stores, Form FNS-252 (or the FNS-252-2, Meal Service Application), should be filled out completely and accurately, as well as signed and dated. The FNS Field Office Cover Letter provides specific information on how and where to return the completed application along with the telephone number and address of the FNS field office that will process your application request. If you have any questions regarding the application process you should contact the FNS field office that services your area for assistance. Failure to properly follow the instructions contained in the application package could result in a delay in processing your application.

The majority of applicants will be asked to provide the following documentation with a completed application:


Copy of one current license required to operate your business (e.g., health permit or food inspection permit; sales tax permit; sellers permit; business license; lottery license; beer or wine license; etc.). If you do not have a license, please contact your local field office.

Photo Identification [e.g., driver's license (front), passport, military ID] for all owners, partners, corporate officers, shareholders and their spouses, if applicable.

Copy of Social Security card or acceptable verification of Social Security Number (e.g., tax forms, insurance card, etc.) for all owners, partners, corporate officers, shareholders and their spouses, if applicable.


  Some applicants may be required to submit additional information. Your field office will let you know if you need to submit additional paperwork.

  Under no circumstances can you accept any food stamp or card benefits until your business receives a food stamp permit from USDA FNS, even if you already have a retail grocery store participating in the Food Stamp Program. Request application and additional information at or call toll free 1-800-642-9632


 SNAP formally EBT is administerd by the USDA. FNS program.



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